Thursday, October 4, 2007


With a sound all their own, BrookCentral has risen out of two of the most legendary and infamous cities of Compton & Watts, CA., but they are no strangers to the music game. They've appeared on projects ranging from the West Side Connection, The Comrads, AllFrumThaI, the L.B.C. (C-style), The Sweat Hoggs, as well as countless projects in the Bay Area and the Midwest. Movie fans-yes, you have heard the lyrics of Big Dutch in the movie GARDEN STATE and witnessed his theatrical debut in the movie THE NEXT BEST THING with Madonna.

The bangin' tracks delivered by Bub of Compton, as well as the unmistakable sound of real life content and incredible flow from Big Dutch of Watts, makes this album rotation ready. There is a definite urban wisdom in the lyrics that Big Dutch delivers boldly and matter-of-factly in each and every line. Bub, has taken his musical gymnastic abilities and followed suit.

The music will keep you listening and wanting more. Each song offers a flow that gets into your soul and takes you along this ELECTRIC ride. You want to be laid back and enjoy the Cali sun-got it. Want to party-play the next track! This album leaves you wanting for nothing, but another round of BrookCentral.

There is a buzz in the air that another album is soon to drop; it can be nothing more than genius, when you are speaking of these two.

Dr. Dre listen to this guy (RAISE UP!)
Enough skills to pay bills. I would record this project. A producers dream. Practically finished sellable if not selling already. Keep riding to this beat cause its happening. The overall production here cant be touched.

- ziplokdotcom Hudson, New Hampshire

we still alive (ARRIVE)
i can see this song moving up the charts on the radio for sure. the hook in the beginning just elevates the song and holds it high. other people can relate to this track.

- G2M Royal Oak, Michigan

U gots mad flow (ELECTRIC)
WHAT I LIKE: The hook is just nice as hell on this track. The flow is very refreshing & solid. Metaphors are unreal (These Guys put the G in gutter) The beat is ice cold. The intro is nice. adlibs are perfect. WHAT THIS TRACK NEEDS: Nothing but more listeners to hear it. OVERALL: This is a 5 star song great job. Thanks GOD bless & have a blessed day!

- DimePieceEnt Cumberland, Indiana

Hustler's Anthem boiii !! (ALL I'LL BE)
Professional hip hop production with legitimate hit appeal. Vocals ,lyrics and beat is (A) grade. Good writing skills and delivery. The Vocals is very polished and hi grade, sounds like it was recorded in a million dollar studio, well done. The verses are excellently written and delivered. Couldnt be better. The hook is right on point with the concept. From one Dutch to another: You ready fo em dawg, keep banging

- BiggiePac from Gin City, Virginia

You dont have to take their word for it, check it out for yourself. Then check it out again and add it to your CD collection.

This is a must have - a complement to any stereo system.

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